ITX Migration Experts

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Automated ITX Migrations

We are experts at migrating to and from IBM TX. In our years of migration experience we've development several tools to automate the migration of ITX to standard, open source formats that allow for easy import to target applications. For example, if you're migrating from ITX to Tibco we can export and transform ITX maps to XSLT.

Migrating away from ITX

Migration from ITX to another tool is complex and time consuming. Automating the migration should be done with great caution, but is possible in several small steps. We have found that a completely manual approach when migrating away from ITX returns the best results, but is also the most time consuming. The more automation, the faster the migration, however, the less overall quality of the end product.


ITX to XSLT migrations can be 70-90% automated. However, we have found that the more manual the approach the better the overall result. Contact us for more information.

ITX to BizTalk

ITX to BizTalk migrations can be 50-75% automated. The applications are not apples to apples and doing things the old way would defeat the purpose of going to the new target application. Contact us for more information.

ITX to Tibco

ITX to Tibco migrations can be automated to about 80-90%. Contact us for more information.